FRONTIERSMAN Bear Spray Featured in this Month's Bear Hunters Online Website

08 06 2013

FRONTIERSMAN Bear Spray is featured in this month’s Bear Hunters Online website; in the article titled “Surviving a Bear Attack” by Wade Nolan on page 18. 

In the article, Nolan acknowledges that his concept on how to overcome a black bear attack is different now than it was in the past, giving bear orientation talks to tourists in Alaska’s Denali Park.

“I would explain that it was unlikely that you would win an argument with an 800-pound grizzly and the best defense was to play dead.”

In Contrast, says Nolan, black bear research has established something completely different when it comes to the smaller “blackie.”

Nolan explains that bear researcher Stephen Herrero compiled records of 23 persons killed in Alaska by black bears between 1900 and 1980. The motive in over 90% of the attacks appeared to be predation. Bears treated people like prey, says Nolan.

As a way to differentiate which approach works best; playing dead or fighting back, Nolan talks about two different scenarios.

Pilot Stephen Routh found himself face to face with a “large black bear” after landing his plane at Cow Lake preparing to spend the night. After catching notice of the bear as he was trying to look for a place to tie the plane off, he instinctively turned back around toward the plane in the other direction of the bear.

The bear attacked Stephen, “rapidly chewing his neck and ripping his clothes,” until Stephen picked up a tree branch and started to defend himself. The bear then took on a different position; going from offense to defense.

The attack ended with Stephen having to get 1000 stitches, but at least he survived.

The second scenario Nolan writes about happened near Honeymoon Lake in Ontario involving three teenaged boys who were on a fishing trip. One boy walked into a dense spruce forest where he was attacked and killed. The other two boys went to find their friend when they, too, were attacked and killed. There was little to suggest the boys put up a struggle.

No matter what the situation is, fighting back or surrendering, coming face to face with an aggressive bear is not a comfortable state of affair.

Fortunately, to assist in any predicament involving a potential bear attack, FRONTIERSMAN Bear Spray is available to keep you and your family safe.

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