How To Protect Yourself with 'Belt and Suspender' Thinking

07 09 2010

In the business world, “Belt and Suspenders” is not a fashion statement, but terminology to describe recommended best practices and preventive measures. Being prepared with an alternative plan or method is regarded as a prudent way of operating and behaving.

In the high-stakes world of keeping ourselves physically safe and secure, the same “Belt and Suspenders” way of thinking is, if anything, even more applicable. Think of it as building in resilience and redundancy – as having a perpetual “Plan B” (or C, D, etc.) in case of need.

Weapons and tools like Pepper Spray are sometimes exactly what the situation calls for, but it’s best to try and minimize the need to have to use such a powerful device unless absolutely necessary.

You only stand to gain by building in a degree of redundancy to your plans and efforts. You want and need the added reliability that having backup options in your equipment and resources will give you. These principles apply no matter the scenario or situation.

Having a means like Pepper Spray in one’s “arsenal” of personal protection is one of an array of elements you can have in readiness and at hand.


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