​How to Deter Mountain Lions: Mountain Lion Encounters on the Rise

​How to Deter Mountain Lions: Mountain Lion Encounters on the Rise

06 05 2024

In recent news, there has been a noticeable increase in mountain lion encounters across the United States. March marked the first fatal mountain lion attack in California in 20 years, reports of mountain lion sightings are up across Idaho and Utah, and in February, a Washington woman survived a mountain lion attack while cycling.

Photo: Toomas Tartes | Unsplash

These incidents make it clear: preparedness is crucial. Enter Frontiersman MAX Bear & Mountain Lion Spray, the first and only animal attack deterrent registered with the EPA for use on mountain lions and other big cats. It's designed to offer maximum protection against aggressive wildlife, ensuring you stay safe while enjoying the great outdoors.

Key Features: Frontiersman MAX Bear & Mountain Lion Deterrent

  • Maximum Stopping Power: Made with 2.0% major capsaicinoids, the strongest formula allowed by the EPA, it effectively deters both bears and mountain lions.
  • Extended Range: A 40-foot spray range gives you more time to react and creates a safe distance between you and the animal.
  • Quick Deployment: The spray is easy to access and deploy with different quick-draw holster options.

Safety Tips for Mountain Lion Encounters

Photo: Priscilla Du Preez | Unsplash

Knowing how to react during a mountain lion encounter greatly enhances your safety. The National Park Service recommends the following safety tips.

  • Do Not Run: This may trigger the mountain lion’s instinct to chase you.
  • Make Yourself BIG: Raise your arms, open your jacket above your head, wave your arms around, and throw stones or branches.
  • Slowly Back Away: Maintain eye contact and back away without turning your back toward the animal.
  • Use Deterrents: If the mountain lion approaches, use a deterrent like Frontiersman MAX.
  • Fight Back if Attacked: If a mountain lion attacks, fight back vigorously using any tools available—sticks, rocks, or even your bare hands.

Stay prepared, stay safe, and always carry Frontiersman MAX on your adventures.