In the News: Dog-on-Dog Attacks

06 09 2015

In recent news, there have been numerous reports of dog-on-dog attacks.

"Animal Control wasn't coming. They recommended to 'let the dog loose.' Det. Soffe was heard to say, 'He wants me to let the dog go but I can't, because it will go after those other dogs.' So he transferred the dog in his police car," recalled Cottonwood Heights resident Elizabeth Perkins. "If you own a dog that is friendly with people but hates other dogs, please know that it can get out accidentally and the result could be someone's beloved friend dying horribly. Other dog owners, get pepper spray."

While dog lovers hate to think of one canine doing harm to another, the truth is that dog-on-dog attacks, like the one described above, happen - and can cause serious injury and even death. Here are just a few of the recent stories to give you an idea of how prevalent this issue really is:

As is apparent in these stories, dog-on-dog attacks tend to put emotional, financial and legal stress on the owner(s) involved. To help avoid time-consuming strain, dog spray can quell aggressive behavior without leaving lasting harm on either dog.

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