Increased Demand for Personal Safety Products in Israel

11 26 2014

As the conflict between Israel and Palestine continues, SABRE is getting word that the demand for personal self-defense products is on the rise.

This information comes to SABRE from a supplier of personal and law enforcement protection products in Rishon Le Zion, Israel's fourth largest city. The company says they're unable to keep product on the shelves for an extended period of time as many civilians want a means to protect themselves.

This is a video of a news clip from an Israeli television station. It shows the SABRE Red compact pepper spray in action. The news reporter actually demonstrates how to use the product effectively, and talks about where people can go to buy it. One reason why pepper spray is such a popular choice for personal protection tools - it allows people to protect themselves without having to resort to hand to hand combat. Plus, SABRE pepper sprays offer protection at a safe distance - up to 10 feet away! Since we don't expect many of our readers to be fluent in Hebrew, we'll break down the basics for those interested in the product and how to use it:

  • Use your thumb to disengage the safety lock so the product is live
  • Use your thumb to press down on the button to activate the pepper spray
  • Aim the pepper spray at the threat's eyes, and spray straight across the face from ear to ear to ensure contact
  • The cone delivery of these sprays means the attacker will suffer a greater respiratory effect

The good news about SABRE Red products?

  • Each will last for four years or until it's used up. These canisters contain 25 bursts of product, or 5 times more spray than the competition.
  • SABRE Red is SABRE's most effective formula - it;'s 67 times hotter than hot sauce, and it's the one most trusted by law enforcement agencies from around the world - including the Israeli police forces.
  • A study found that 30% of pepper sprays fail due to inconsistent heat levels. That's why SABRE invested in the High Performance Liquid Chromatography Laboratory, HPLC. This testing guarantees that each batch of pepper spray meets the standard for heat specifications and won't fail you in a moment of need!