Run Like a Pro with SABRE’s Runner Pepper Gel

Run Like a Pro with SABRE’s Runner Pepper Gel

04 28 2023

Spring is in full swing - the weather’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and runners are outside hitting the pavement again. When you’re busy logging your miles, it’s important to remember to be prepared and stay safe. The  SABRE Runner Pepper Gel is the perfect solution. It includes an adjustable hand strap that makes carrying your pepper gel while running effortless.

While carrying it is effortless, it’s important to know how to properly use your pepper gel before taking it on the go.

First, attach the adjustable hand strap to your dominant hand. Make sure that the reflective logo is facing out – you want it to be visible in the dark as possible to approaching vehicles!

Once it’s securely attached around your hand, you can keep a grip around the canister or let your hand stay open – whichever is more comfortable!

To use your pepper gel, grip the canister with your digit fingers and pinky while using your thumb to control the trigger. The thumb is stronger than the forefinger and a thumb grip leaves more fingers around the body of the pepper spray, giving you better control and aim. And, in the event of up-close or hand-to-hand contact, this grip reinforces your fist without changing your hold enabling you to strike if need be.

Slide the actuator with your thumb to unlock the safety. Aim for the threat’s face and press down on the trigger with your thumb. Spray side-to-side, across the eyes. The Runner Pepper Gel has 35 bursts, which helps to provide protection against multiple threats or spray again if you miss the attacker’s face the first time.

Because the pepper gel is dispersed in a gel-like substance, it doesn’t atomize in the air and has virtually no wind-blowback, making it a safer option to bring on windy trails – it sticks to what it hits!

Once you feel comfortable using your pepper gel, you’re ready to hit the pavement and focus your energy on hitting PRs.