School's Back! What to Pack.

09 17 2020

Back to school might look different this year. Whether your kids are staying home, going back in person, or following a hybrid or other formats, this is a must-read. As always, their safety is your peace of mind. As you send your kids back to school and plan for the year, it’s smart to have a safety plan. Whether you’ve got younger kids in school or teens that are off to college, SABRE is here to help keep you safer this school year.

If your kids walk to school. We suggest: Personal Alarms

It can be worrying thinking about your son or daughter walking home from school alone. Yes, you’ve taught them the safest route home, to look both ways crossing streets, and not to talk to strangers, but some things are unpredictable. If your kids walk to and from school or venture out in the afternoon around the neighborhood, pack them with a Personal Alarm with Key Ring. This personal alarm can be easily attached to backpack or bag so it’s immediately accessible in case of danger. Personal alarms are a safety staple, safe for any age, and a great option for younger children.

How to Use: This SABRE Personal Alarm is easy to activate; simply pull the metal chain and a 120dB alarm (audible up to 600 Feet, or two city blocks away) will sound to call for assistance in an emergency.

If you drive your kids to school. Or, if your kids drive or commute to college. We suggest: Safe Escape 3-in-1 Automotive Safety Tool.

There are unfortunately more than 6 million car accidents and 38,000 car-jackings in the U.S. every year. It’s essential to have a plan in place in case of danger. The Safe Escape 3-in-1 Automotive Safety Tool is specifically designed with a seatbelt cutter to cut through malfunctioning seatbelts, a stainless steel window breaker for speedy escapes, and pepper gel (safer for use inside of a car) to provide you with maximum safety while riding or driving. This gadget is great for anyone on-the-go to prepare for speed bumps on the road.

How to Use: Pack it in your bag, so that you have it no matter what vehicle you happen to be in. We suggest not leaving it in your car, as drastic changes in weather can affect the contents of any pepper sprays. Slice through seatbelts quickly with the safety blade. To break through a window, hold the Safe Escape firmly in your hand and jab the glass with blunt force. To use the pepper gel, raise the flip top safety with your thumb, point at the target, and press the trigger button to spray a subject up to 12 Feet away.

If your kids are off to college.

On-the-Go, we suggest: Campus Safety Pepper Gel

If your kids are off to college, chances are they’ll frequently be out and about. For walks to class, late nights at the library, quick food runs, club meetings, and more, it’s important to make sure they’re equipped with a safety tool among so many new people in a brand new environment. The Campus Safety Pepper Gel has a range of up to 12 feet (that’s 20 percent farther than traditional pepper spray), to fend off attackers from a farther distance. Since it’s a gel formula, there is virtually no wind blowback, meaning only the target is affected.

How to Use: Wrap your fingers around the finger grip for better accuracy. Then, twist the trigger lock (on the top) to unlock the safety. Place your thumb on the trigger button, on the top of the product. Press down to disperse the pepper gel and aim to spray your target from ear to ear – this is the best way to ensure you affect an attacker’s eyes.

At Home: SABRE Dorm and Apartment Security Going off to college means many students are away from home for the first time. College dorms and apartments are where a lot of students spend their down time, so it’s important to keep them secure. Thankfully, there are a number of steps you can take to help ensure dorm rooms and apartments are safe places for studying, socializing and making the most of the college experience.

Living with roommates in college can make it hard to know who exactly has access to dorms and apartments. Put the SABRE Dorm/Apartment Alarm Kiton your off-to-college checklist, and you’ll be able to quickly and easily install dorm room door and window alarms as soon as you arrive on campus. These ultra-loud alarms ensure that nobody can enter your student’s dorm room without residents and people nearby knowing. A Door Stop Alarm is an easy and convenient way to secure your room from the inside, deter trespassers, and alert you of any intrusions.

Purchasing dorm security products and personal safety devices for college students can be the difference between worrying about your children or resting assured that they are safe and comfortable in their new home.

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Safety for back to school means you can have peace of mind while your kids can enjoy their time learning and focus on what really matters. Be prepared for this school year with SABRE. Stay up to date with SABRE news, safety tips, and more. Subscribe to our Safety Newsletter.