Self-Defense: Are You A Hard Target or a Soft Target?

08 07 2014

SABRE blog readers, do you know the difference between a hard target and a soft target? Surely you do by now but we will refresh your memory, just in case.

To put it simply, a hard target is a person whose confidence and self-awareness would make an attacker think twice before making a move. A soft, or easy target is someone inattentive and oblivious to their surroundings.

We have two programs, the SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Program (CSAP) and the SABRE College Safety Program (CSP). The SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Program is for everyday citizens like business people, stay at home parents, runners, commuters, the elderly, social groups, and many more. Our second program the SABRE College Safety Program was made specifically for college students.

Register for either of our programs and you will learn how to:

•Maintain a safety mindset to discourage potential threats
•Identify potentially dangerous situations and how to avoid them
•Feel empowered and confident to live life with peace of mind
•Protect yourself at a safe distance
•Use personal safety sprays responsibly and effectively
•Escape an attacker

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