Self-Defense For People With Physical Limitations

01 30 2018

It's a very unfortunate fact that those with disabilities can be targeted by predatory criminals in today's world. While anyone can be vulnerable to attack, risk levels can be elevated for those with physical limitations or disabilities.

If you want the confidence that comes from knowing you can protect yourself despite physical impairments, it's worth considering the self-defense strategies available to you. When you have a way to stand up for yourself, you can feel much more confident and less afraid as you go through life, wherever it takes you.

How do people with disabilities protect themselves?

There are many self-defense methods are available. Self-defense for disabled folks can be improved with basic common-sense strategies and tactics. Knowing about defense used for a person who is disabled can make life more enjoyable as well as safer for all.

To help provide you with increased confidence in your ability to protect yourself, here are a few techniques and tips to consider:

  • Practicing preventative measures. Step one in staying safe is knowing how to avoid trouble in the first place. Keep your doors locked, don’t open the door to strangers, get a security system at home and avoid compromising situations where threats are more likely to occur. While dangerous situations can still arise, practicing prevention can at least minimize their likelihood.
  • Bringing a buddy. While you may not be able to always have someone with you when you leave the house, there's no shame in asking a friend or family member to join you when you feel unsafe. Simply having another person with you can be a deterrent to would-be criminals. It's also a great way to help yourself feel more comfortable wherever you go.
  • Taking a self-defense class. One of the best parts of self-defense skills is that anyone can benefit from them - regardless of any physical limitations. If you check out classes in your area, you may find adaptive self-defense classes specifically designed for people with physical limitations.
  • Carrying safety devices. Carrying personal safety devices - from stun guns for personal safety to other on-the-go personal safety devices - allows you to feel safe regardless of where you go or what happens. These safety devices provide a tangible way to protect yourself in case of attack or other threats. Because it's not just people who can pose a threat, you may also want to consider protector dog sprays designed for use on attacking animals.

While no self-defense strategy is 100% foolproof, the more precautions you take, the better. Having a way to protect yourself can make all the difference in your sense of confidence and well-being - as well as your safety.

To make the most of your abilities and protect yourself at home and on the go, take the tips above to heart. To find the best in quality safety devices, visit SABRE and explore our safety products online. Place an order or contact us today to learn more.