Stun Guns Return to!

04 22 2016

Stun guns are once again available for sale on We've expanded upon this state-of-the-art collection with several new stun guns, including the...

  • Maximum Strength Stun Gun with LED Flashlight (Industry's Highest Pain-Inducing Model)
    Including a pocket clip, wrist strap, holster, warranty and free training video, this high-value item sure packs a punch. Plus, it allows you the chance to disorient at a distance with its 120-lumen LED flashlight with high, low & strobe settings.

  • Ruger Tactical Stun Gun with LED Flashlight
    Equipped with a pocket clip, this stun gun offers exceptional stopping power and is test-fired before leaving the factory. This stun gun developed in partnership with Ruger includes a 300-lumen LED flashlight.
  • Ergonomic Stun Gun with Stop Strap
    With a 120-lumen LED flashlight, this strong pain-inducing stun gun features an ergonomic rubberized finger grip and includes a wrist strap (prevents deployment if separated from wrist), holster, warranty, safety switch and free training video. Boasting stop strap technology, this stun gun prevents the unit from discharging when separated from the wrist strap, alleviating fears of an attacker using the gun against you.

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