The Truth About Flammable Pepper Sprays

06 17 2010

The flammability of pepper sprays has become a concern for some of those who choose defensive sprays as their method of attack prevention. Since there are some concerns regarding the dangers of fire and pepper spray, our experts here taking a few minutes to educate you on pepper spray flammability and what to look for before purchasing pepper spray.

Purchasing the right pepper spray will help ensure that you don't run into any unexpected flammability surprises later. The easiest way to tackle the flame issue is to break down each of the parts of the spray, including the "pepper" (active ingredient), the carrier and the propellants. Learn more about pepper spray flammability below, and shop industry-leading pepper sprays and gels from our trusted manufacturers today.

The "Pepper" in Pepper Sprays


The majority of pepper sprays used by law enforcement and for personal use contain Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) as its active ingredient. This chemical compound is what causes the pain, tearing, and temporary blindness experienced when the spray comes in contact with the eyes. When determining whether a defense spray is flammable, the active ingredient (OC or Tear Gas), is not an important consideration.

The OC Spray Mix (Carrier)

Some pepper sprays do use a flammable mix, like alcohol, to create a substance or formulation which can be sprayed from the container. Fortunately, many sprays sold today use water or oil instead of flammable alcohol and are completely safe when used in conjunction with anything that might produce a spark - like a Taser.

The Flammability of Propellants

Propellants are used to project the spray from its container so that you don't have to stand right next to your attacker when your spray is being used. The propellants allow you to protect yourself from a distance which is one of the reasons why defense sprays are so practical. Although most companies now use inert gases as propellants, some pepper sprays do continue to use Butane as the propellant which is flammable. The best way to avoid products containing Butane are to read the packaging before purchasing, or to go to a trusted defensive spray company.

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SABRE pepper gel

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