Walk Confidently With Protector Pepper Spray

06 25 2014

A common scene we often see in the summertime is people taking advantage of the warm weather by being outdoors! Fellow neighbors walking their dogs, riding bikes, or out for walks – people simply like being outside.

But a threat to be mindful of while enjoying Mother Nature is a stray dog, or a dog on the loose without an owner in sight.

Stray or dangerous dogs without a leash can be very unpredictable and hard to keep under control. It can be very unsettling, especially when you realize there is a possibility that the dog may or may not have had its appropriate shots.

A member of Bikeforum.com under the username “Rolie,” posted a thread about his unfortunate encounter with a loose dog...

“My luck ran out last night! I was on a ride fairly close to home, and got bit by a dog that I have had bark and chase me before, but never tried to bite! I usually carry pepper spray when venturing into unknown areas, but did not have it last night. I ride the rural areas near my home, dogs running loose are part of every ride(...)”

A different member under the username “Aubiecat,” mentioned she has SABRE Red Pepper Spray attached to her bike for personal protection.

SABRE offers The Cyclist Self Defense Spray for Bikes which attaches to bicycle frames for instant accessibility and provides protection against multiple threats at a safe distance.


For “Rolie’s” situation, SABRE also offers Protector which is made specifically for use against dogs.


  • This natural pepper spray is strong enough to deter most dogs without causing long-term pain or injury.
  • Protector comes in two sizes to attach to your keys or to your belt. This makes it accessible at a moment's notice.
  • The small canister with a key ring has a range of up 12 feet.
  • The large canister with a belt clip has a range of up to 15 feet.

Whether you’re riding your bike or walking along the sidewalks, feasible protection is necessary. Walk and ride with confidence as you protect yourself with SABRE Red Pepper Sprays!