What Is Pepper Gel? Here's Everything You Need to Know

What Is Pepper Gel? Here's Everything You Need to Know

04 05 2022

You’ve heard of pepper spray, but have you heard of pepper gel? If you’re picturing a tub of red goo, though a common initial thought among consumers, you’d be wrong. Contrary to popular belief, pepper gel deploys in the same stream form as traditional pepper spray, but it’s a slightly thicker, stickier substance—hence where the term “gel” comes in—which gives it additional benefits in comparison to traditional pepper sprays. Read on to learn more about pepper gel and its benefits.

What Is Pepper Gel?

Like pepper spray, pepper gel is made with oleoresin capsicum or OC for short. OC is an oil resin derived from peppers (yes, like the ones you eat!) that gives them their heat. The OC concentration is the same in SABRE pepper sprays and pepper gels, which means pepper gel is just as strong as pepper spray.

Pepper gel can be carried discreetly and easily for protection like traditional pepper spray, and it causes the same irritation and involuntary eye closure that temporarily restricts an assailant’s vision.

How is pepper gel different from pepper spray?

Pepper gel is a thicker, stickier substance than pepper spray, which is the key differentiator that gives pepper gel its added benefits.

Its thicker substance means it only affects what it directly contacts, making pepper gel safer for bystanders and those around you, and its stream reduces the chance that it will blow back toward you if it’s deployed in a windy area. Pepper gel also does not atomize in the air, making it a good indoor defense option since it is less likely to contaminate the air.

In addition, pepper gel travels 20% further in the air than traditional pepper spray, which protects at an even greater distance from an attacker. Its stickiness also makes it harder for an assailant to wipe off.

Which Is Better? Pepper Spray Or Pepper Gel?

We’ve covered what pepper gel is and how it’s different than pepper spray, but the most pressing question you probably have is: Which one is better?

Like all personal safety products, there are tradeoffs when using one instead of the other, and the same goes for pepper spray and pepper gel. Choosing which product is right for you will depend on who you are, where you’re going, and other situational considerations. The best product for you is the one that allows you to go about your day and live your life confidently while knowing you have protection in an emergency.

To learn more about pepper gel, watch SABRE’s video that further explains the benefits of pepper gel.

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