Levels of Personal Safety

Different personal safety products offer different levels of self defense. Level up your personal safety plan with safety options ranging from alerting others, deterring an attack, and notifying your loved ones.

rose gold personal alarm

Level 1

Grab Attention with Personal Alarms

Safe and legal to carry anywhere, personal alarms have an ear-piercing sound — heard up to the length of three football fields — that alerts others and helps to scare off a threat. They're compact enough to fit in any bag, purse, or pocket and also come with different attachment options making them easy to carry and access at a moment's notice. Available in different shapes, sizes, and colors, personal alarms will help you stay safe while looking stylish.

Level 2

Deter from a Safe Distance with Gel

While personal alarms alert bystanders to a potential threat, they do not offer a physical means to deter a threat. For protection up to 12 feet away, check out personal safety products that are easily carried and deploy away from you to keep a safe distance betwee you and a threat. Different attachment options make these easily accessible when you need it most, and with the many shapes, sizes, and colors available, there is an option to fit everyone's need.

pink personal safety tool clipped onto a bag
iPhone connected to Bluetooth device

Level 3

Deter and notify trusted Contacts with Bluetooth

Take your personal safety to the next level with Bluetooth-connected personal safety devices. They provide protection at a safe distance, alert selected trusted contacts of your location when deployed or the "Alert" button is tapped in the connected app, and have the ability to alert the authorities.