Stun Gun Safety Tips

Hi, and welcome to SABRE. We're dedicated to helping you Make It Safe, so if you're here to learn about your new stun gun, you're in the right place. 


Our goal at SABRE is to help with your personal safety plan, and to help educate you on how to use your new stun gun. We’ll cover how to use a SABRE stun gun in this video, from the proper way to hold it to how to maximize your safety in the event you need to use it


At SABRE, we believe preparedness is key to being confident in your safety.  We want to help you prepare for the possibility of coming face-to-face with a threatening situation by sharing helpful information that can help lend an extra layer of security in dangerous surroundings. Check out our Top Ten Safety Tips as they will help you maximize your preparation and overall protection. 

Looking for more safety tips? You're in the right place! 

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