8 Essential Spring Break Safety Tips for College Students

8 Essential Spring Break Safety Tips for College Students

02 26 2024

Spring break is the perfect time to leave your studies behind and take a much-deserved break. Whether you're heading to a sunny beach or an adventurous outdoor destination, keep these 8 safety tips top of mind to make your spring break as memorable—and safe—as possible.

1. Do Your Homework

We know you don’t want any more homework, but you’ll be glad you completed this assignment. Before you leave, familiarize yourself with the area you’re visiting, local laws, and any travel advisories. Knowing what to expect can help you make informed decisions and avoid potentially risky situations. Set up local news alerts and follow official tourism websites and government channels for updates on the situation at your destination.

2. Travel with a Trusted Crew

Photo: Simon Maage | Unsplash

Good company is your first line of defense. Travel with friends you trust and look out for each other. Utilize the buddy system to prevent anyone from getting lost and agree on a meetup point and time in case someone does get separated. Remember, there’s always safety in numbers and no one should go off alone.

3. Share Your Location

Make sure everyone in your group can stay connected. Carry a portable phone charger and share locations with the group using Find My Friends.

You can also download the free SABRE Personal Safety App to alert your selected contacts when you need help. Simply press the "Alert" button and a text message will be sent to your contacts with your location. The geo-tracking technology will continue to update your location until you mark that you are safe.

4. Talk in Code

Having a code word with your friends is an easy way for someone to indicate that they don’t feel comfortable or safe in a situation and would like to leave or need help. Choose a word that’s easily used in a conversation or a text to the group chat.

“How was the pineapple at lunch?” “I hope they have fried pickles where we’re going to dinner.”

A code word comes in handy at a party, a nightclub, or even in an  Uber if the driver is acting strange. When someone uses the code word, it’s a signal to everyone that it’s time to get out of the situation as soon as it’s safe and possible.

5. Take All the Photos

Start any night or day out with a group photo and take plenty throughout the night. You’ll want these photos for the #memz and your Latergram, but you’ll also be grateful to have them if anyone is separated from your group. Photos from the day or night of provide personnel or security with a recent photo description.

Photo: Meredith Spencer | Unsplash

6. Turn on Emergency SOS

If you have an iPhone, turn on the Emergency SOS feature and make sure you know how to use it. When you make a call with SOS, your iPhone automatically calls the local emergency number and shares your location with emergency services.

You can also add emergency contacts. After an emergency call ends, your iPhone also alerts these emergency contacts with a text, unless you choose to cancel, with your current location.

To configure the settings on your iPhone, go to Settings > Emergency SOS and complete the setup from there.

7. Stay Hydrated and Practice Safe Drinking

Whether you’re going to the beach or high up in the snow-covered mountains, hydration is key, especially if you’re enjoying a few drinks on spring break. Pace yourself and mix in water in between beverages to keep from overindulging. Always keep an eye on your drink to avoid any tampering or put a lid or drink cover on top of it.

SABRE Tip: The lid from an Iced Starbucks drink fits the top of a red Solo cup.

8. Protect Your Belongings & Yourself

SABRE Jeweled Pepper Spray

Going out with a big group, especially where alcohol is involved, can be a little chaotic. Carry the proper tools to protect yourself and your friends if needed. With sparkly, jewel-covered pepper sprays and an extremely loud personal alarm, there’s a personal safety device that you can take with you anywhere. These personal safety devices, along with the Mighty Discreet pepper spray, are also small enough to fit in your purse to carry from activity to activity and day into night.

SABRE Portable Door Lock

And don't forget about your hotel or Airbnb. Travel safety essentials like a Portable Door Lock or a Door Stop Alarm easily fit in your suitcase, are TSA-friendly, and help keep unwanted guests from entering.