How to Properly Use and Clean Up Pepper Spray Indoors

How to Properly Use and Clean Up Pepper Spray Indoors

04 03 2024

Chances are if you’ve ever imagined needing to protect yourself, you saw yourself alone on a dark street or in a parking lot at night. The reality is that you might need to protect yourself indoors or at home one day. If you use pepper spray as a self-defense tool, it's essential that you understand the difference between pepper spray and pepper gel, why pepper gel is the better indoor self-defense tool, and how to clean up pepper spray or pepper gel indoors.

Pepper Spray Vs. Pepper Gel

The main difference between using pepper spray indoors and outdoors is that using it in an enclosed area means it won't dissipate as quickly from the air. Pepper gel is the better indoor self-defense option for this reason.

Pepper gel contains the same maximum strength protection as pepper spray, but, as the word ‘gel’ alludes to, it disperses as a slightly thicker substance. This gives pepper gel additional benefits over pepper spray,making it superior for indoor protection. The thicker stream allows it to travel further than spray and decrease blowback*. It also doesn’t atomize in the air, meaning no particles will continue to contaminate the air around you once deployed. Pepper gel only affects what it directly contacts.

Although we recommend pepper gel for indoor protection, it's important to remember that when your life is in danger, nothing else matters beyond getting to safety.In a crisis, hesitating for a fraction of a second can be fatal. If pepper spray is the only self-defense tool available, use it.

*Decreased blowback is less applicable for indoor use, however, is one of the main benefits of using pepper gel for outdoor protection.

Pepper Spray Cleanup: Dealing with the Aftermath of Indoor Pepper Spray Use

If you're wondering how to clean pepper gel off your walls, be grateful - the immediate threat to your safety is over, and now, your biggest worry is cleaning. Fortunately, you can clean up pepper gel by following these four easy steps.

1. Mask Up: Make sure you wear gloves, safety glasses, and something to cover your nose and mouth to avoid breathing in pepper particles or exposing your skin.

2. Air Out the Area: Open all windows and entrances to allow maximum ventilation of the area. Fans can be used to assist ventilation.

3. Scrub and Vacuum the Area: Use oil-free soap, like dishwashing soap, to clean the pepper spray off any walls, rugs, or furniture. Let the soap sit for 15 minutes. Then, rinse it off with cold water. You should also vacuum any fabric carpet or furniture.

4. Block Off the Area: Depending on the environment and level of contamination, restrict access to the area until complete decontamination is observed.

Protecting yourself means being prepared no matter what the circumstances. Keeping pepper gel on hand for indoor safety is just as practical as carrying pepper spray for outdoor use. 

Using and Cleaning Pepper Spray Indoors FAQs:

  • How long does pepper spray last in the air indoors?

The duration depends on the circulation of air in the room. In well-ventilated areas with open windows and air circulation, the lingering smell may last only a few minutes. However, in rooms with little ventilation, it can last up to 30 minutes.

  • Is it safe to use pepper spray indoors?

While it is generally advised not to practice using pepper spray indoors, it can be used for self-defense. However, it's crucial to leave the area after use to avoid exposure to residual pepper spray in the air. We would recommend using pepper gel indoors.Because the gel spray adheres to the target and is less likely to be dispersed into the air, it provides a safer option for use in enclosed spaces, such as inside a car or in a small room.

  • Why is using pepper spray indoors different from using it outdoors?

The main difference is that pepper spray in an enclosed space takes longer to dissipate. This can increase the risk of exposure for the user, making it important to vacate the area after use.

  • What should I do if I need to use pepper spray indoors?

If you have used pepper spray indoors for self-defense, it's recommended to leave the area immediately. Staying in the room increases the risk of exposure to residual spray in the air, potentially incapacitating the user.

  • Are there any risks or side effects of using pepper spray indoors?

The primary risk is exposure to the residual pepper spray in the air. It's crucial to prioritize personal safety over concerns about potential damage to walls, rugs, or furniture.

  • How do I clean pepper spray off walls and furniture indoors?

To clean pepper spray off walls, wear gloves, safety glasses, and cover your nose and mouth. Increase ventilation by opening doors and windows. Use oil-free soaps like dishwashing liquid for walls and scrub rugs or furniture, letting the soap sit for 15 minutes before rinsing with cold water.

  • What should I do if I get pepper spray on my skin?

If pepper spray comes into contact with exposed skin, use milk followed by oil-free soap to wash it off.

  • Is practicing with pepper spray indoors recommended?

No, it is not advised to practice using pepper spray indoors due to the risk of exposure. Practice should be done in a well-ventilated outdoor space.

  • What are the recommended safety measures when using pepper spray indoors?

It's important to wear gloves, safety glasses, and cover the nose and mouth. Open doors and windows for ventilation and leave the area immediately after using pepper spray.

  • What types of indoor-appropriate pepper spray products are available?

We recommend utilizing our pepper gel products for indoor personal safety as it sprays in a more targeted stream and the sticky substance sticks to the intended target.Because the gel spray adheres to the target and is less likely to be dispersed into the air, it provides a safer option for use in enclosed spaces, such as inside a car or in a small room. We offer pepper gel with snap-clip keychains, runner pepper gels with adjustable hand straps, or home defense pepper gels with included wall mounts.