Pepper Spray on Airplanes: What You Need to Know

Pepper Spray on Airplanes: What You Need to Know

06 12 2023

The summer travel season is ramping up, and while you’re looking forward to relaxing on the beach or exploring a new city, it’s important to stay aware and be prepared to protect yourself if harm comes your way. If you’re planning to jet set this summer and want to protect yourself, you’ve probably wondered “Can you bring pepper spray on an airplane?” Let's break down everything you need to know about taking pepper spray on an airplane.

airplane window

Photo: Shaun Alam | Unsplash

The short answer is no, you cannot bring pepper spray onto an airplane in a carry-on bag or personal item. The long answer is you might be able to bring it in your checked baggage, depending on the size of the pepper spray and the airline you’re flying.

You can pack pepper spray in a checked bag if it abides by TSA regulations. The TSA allows one 4-ounce container of pepper spray in your checked bag and the formula cannot contain more than 2 percent by mass of tear gas. The pepper spray must also have a safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge.

pepper spray and travel canister

SABRE Travel Kit: Pepper Spray and Travel Container

We also recommend checking the rules of your airline as some, like United, JetBlue, and Southwest prohibit checking pepper spray in baggage regardless of these TSA requirements.

The same goes for the location you’re traveling to. While pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, some have specific regulations and restrictions. Make sure you check the local laws, whether you’re traveling nationally or internationally.

personal alarm with LED light

Personal Alarm with LED Light, Rose Gold

If you would rather not deal with the different pepper spray restrictions as you plan your trip, a personal alarm is a great alternative that is legal to carry everywhere, including on airplanes, so you can feel safer wherever your travels may take you.

The good news? Many SABRE pepper spray and pepper gel products are checked bag approved, and for added security, you can pack your pepper spray in a locking travel container.  Secure the spray's locking mechanism, place it in your checked bag, and fly away!