Preparing for Back to School Shopping: A Personal Safety Guide to the School Year

Preparing for Back to School Shopping: A Personal Safety Guide to the School Year

08 16 2023

The nights are getting cooler, the air is getting crisper, and football predictions are coming in. Fall is approaching, which means children and teenagers are getting ready to head back to school. Whether you’re a parent sending your eleven-year-old off to middle school or you’re moving your child into their first college dorm room, you want to make sure they’re prepared for anything. Unsure what you need? Use our Back-to-School Safety Guide to help Make it Safe® this fall!

For Child-Friendly Safety…

The 2-In-1 Personal Alarm is the perfect safety solution for young adults, teenagers, and even children 8 and up. The easy-to-use safety device has an incredibly loud 130dB alarm that can be heard up to 1,250-feet (381-meters) or 3 football field away, alerting nearby bystanders if your child is in a difficult situation. The personal alarm can be activated in 2 different ways – by pulling out the keychain or quickly clicking the buttons twice. Click the button once to turn on the flashlight, perfect for helping find items at the bottom of a backpack or under a bed. The 2-in-1 Personal Alarm includes a snap clip keychain, easily attaching to your child’s backpack or lunchbox.

For Everyday Campus Safety…

It’s important to have easy and quick access to a personal safety device when seconds count. Is your college-age student going to be walking across campus after dark? Ensure their safety with a pepper spray that can easily attach to their backpack or purse while remaining readily accessible. The Jeweled Pepper Spray allows for easy access without compromising on personal style. This fashionable pepper spray comes in 5 different colors (Pink, Teal, Lavender, Black, and Silver). It features a snap clip keychain that’ll hook onto a backpack easily.

Looking for something smaller? Look no further than the Mighty Discreet™, available in 3 colors (Black, Lavender, and Mint Green). This compact pepper spray is 40% smaller than your average spray, making it easier to fit into small purses or belt bags.

Want something a bit more versatile? The 2-In-1 Pepper Gel with Quick Release Whistle gives you two safety products at once. This maximum strength pepper gel resists wind blowback and is safer to use indoors than traditional pepper spray (with gel, it sticks to only what hits!) If you’re entering an area that might restrict pepper sprays and gels, such as stadiums or arenas, simply detach the whistle from the quick release key ring and bring it as your personal safety device. The whistle can be heard up to 750-feet (229-meters) or more than 2 football fields away, helping to deter attackers while also attracting attention from bystanders.

For Dorm or Apartment Safety…

Moving into the dorm room or renting an apartment for the first time is an exciting moment, but it can also be scary for some. Ease your worries and consider these DIY products for additional safety. The Door Stop Alarm is a compact, battery-operated alarm with a loud 120dB siren that is triggered when pressure is applied and is audible up to 1,500-feet (455-meters) away. The non-skid pad prevents the door from opening while the alarm sounds, keeping intruders out. The Door Stop Alarm is compatible with hinged doors that have a maximum 0.75” gap between the floor and bottom of the door.

Another compact DIY safety solution is the Door Handle Alarm. This 110dB alarm is audible up to 680-feet (205-meters) and is triggered when vibration is detected on the door handle. This user-friendly and versatile security alarm includes three operating modes (off/chime/alarm) - the alarm mode includes a 30-second activation delay to prevent immediate false triggering. If the doorknob is touched any time after the initial 30-second delay, the Door Handle Alarm sounds immediately. 

Looking for a quieter solution that won’t trigger a loud alarm during quiet hours but still prevent unwanted intruders from entering a dorm? Try the SABRE Door Security Bar (also available in white). It’s easy to use – prop it under the door handle and angle it towards the floor to stop the door from opening. The door security bar is fully adjustable from 28.5” to 45” (72.4 cm to 224 cm) and features an angled padded bottom that ensures full contact and strong grip on the floor without scratching it. If you want added security on a sliding door, remove the top door knob jam and prop it between the door and the wall. For sliding doors, it is adjustable from 25” to 41.5” (63.5 cm to 105.4 cm).

For a quiet and compact safety solution, use our new Portable Door Lock. It works on most hinged doors that swing inwards and sets up quickly in 4 easy steps – no additional tools or wiring required (watch our how-to video on our Instagram here!) Plus, it comes with a travel bag to make storage simple!

For All of the Above…

Looking to maximize your safety this upcoming school year? SABRE has you covered from personal safety to home security with the Back to School Kit, available in black and lavender. One order, 3 products. This safety kit includes our Pepper Gel with Fast Flip Top™ and Snap Clip Keychain, 2-In-1 Personal Alarm, and our Door Stop Alarm. Equip your child with the tools to stay safe and secure as they navigate this upcoming school year.

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