Protect Your Home with the Best Door Security Bar: An Ultimate Guide

Protect Your Home with the Best Door Security Bar: An Ultimate Guide

05 05 2023

Securing your home is an essential step in ensuring the safety of your family and property. One way to boost your home security is by installing a door security bar. Here's the ultimate guide to using door security bars throughout your home.

What are Door Security Bars?

Door security bars are an excellent way to protect your home from unwanted guests or thieves. Designed with durable 20-gauge steel, SABRE's door security bar will not bend under stress. By fitting between the wall and door or by propping it under the door knob and gripping the ground, they prevent your door from opening.

Are There Different Types of Door Security Bars?

SABRE offers 2 different types of door security bars. The first is the original model – the  Door Security Bar. It’s adjustable and collapsible, making it perfect for travel and storing when not in use. It is compatible with hinged and sliding doors.

The second option is the  Door Security Bar with Vibrating Detection Alarm. This door security bar features a 115dB alarm that is audible up to 1,100-feet (355-meters). The bar is compatible with both hinged and sliding doors, but the alarm will only work with hinged doors.

What Doors Can a Door Security Bar Be Used On?

The SABRE Door Security Bars can be used on most standard doors, fitting hinged door lengths between 29.5” to 44” (74.9 to 111.8 cm) and sliding door lengths between 27” and 41.5” (68.6 to 105.4 cm).

How Do Door Security Bars Work?

Security bars are an effective and affordable way to keep your home safe. The durable construction prevents the bar from bending, keeping it secure and sturdy while in use. When installed, door security bars will prevent your door from opening. There are 2 different ways this works: With hinged doors, you will lock the door handle in the grip while steadying the rubberized foot against the hardwood floor. With sliding doors, you will remove the grip and adjust the length of your bar. The bar will fit in between the gap of your sliding door and the wall – preventing it from being opened. If you have the Door Security Bar with Vibration Detection Alarm, the 115dB siren will trigger when it detects vibration on the door handle (sensing that someone is trying to force entry from the outside). The loud alarm could deter the would-be burglar from forcing entry and cause them to flee.

Where Can I Use a Door Security Bar?

One of the best features of SABRE’s door security bars is that they are collapsible and portable! Pack your door security bar in your carry-on for extra protection in hotels, or vacation rentals. The door security bar’s compact size makes it great for protection in smaller spaces, such as apartments or college dorms. Simply store away in a closet when not in use.

How to Install a Door Security Bar

Installing Door Security Bar on the Front Door

To install the door security bar with your front door, secure your door handle or knob within the grip of the security bar. Place the other end of the security bar on the hardwood floor at an angle towards the door, allowing it to grip the floor. This will create a sturdy barrier that makes it difficult to push the door open and provide additional security to prevent the door from being kicked in. 

Installing Door Security Bar on a Sliding Door

To install the door security bar with a sliding door, first measure the length between your sliding door and the wall. Once you have the measurement, adjust the length of the bar. Next, you will remove the rubberized grip from the end of the bar. Place the bar to fit in the gap between the door and the wall. Your door will be stopped from sliding open thanks to the door security bar!

Do Door Security Bars Matter?

The use of door security bars is an effective way to enhance your home's security and prevent thefts from taking place. They’re affordable, making it a great option for apartments, college dorms, and vacation rentals when you’re looking for a boost in your DIY home security system. Additionally, having a door security bar provides extra peace of mind at night knowing you and your family are well-protected.