Stun Gun Vs. TASER™

Did you know that stun guns and TASERs™ are not the same product? Despite commonly being used interchangeably in conversation, they are different in how they work and their design. Both are effective self-defense tools. It’s important to understand the difference between stun guns and TASERs™ before purchasing. 

What is a Stun Gun?

Stun Guns are highly effective self-defense tools for men and women that emit electrical currents which can cause a would-be attacker to feel pain. The charge can also disorient the assailant, allowing you a chance to escape to safety. Stun guns require you to get within arms-reach of your threat as you have to touch the stun gun to the attacker’s body. SABRE offers tactical stun guns as well as compact and concealable models with a variety of flashlight intensities. It is important to note that voltage is not an accurate indicator of a stun gun's strength, contrary to popular belief. Instead, microcoulombs measure stun gun strength by calculating charge (current x time), while voltage measures the force of the electrical current. For more information on measuring the strength of stun guns, visit our website.

What is a TASER™?

TASER™ is not a generic term but the name of a specific self-defense product. TASER™ Energy Weapons (developed by Axon Enterprise, Inc.) are self-defense tools that shoot out probes that emit electrical currents that could cause a would-be offender to be temporarily incapacitated during the electrical cycle. When the probes hit the target, they send a message to the muscles in the area to “flex” and induce a temporary neuromuscular incapacitation. TASERs™ can be shot from a distance, allowing you to try to stop an attacker from getting close to you, or some can be used in close contact (this is called drive-stun, when the TASER™ is driven into the attacker).

Key Differences Between Stun Guns and TASERs™

One of the most significant differences between stun guns and TASERs™ is their range. Stun guns require you to be within arm's reach of the potential assailant as they are not effective unless they are touching the assailant’s body. The TASER™ is designed to be fired from a distance; however, some models can also be used as drive-stun devices.

Additionally, stun guns are compact devices designed to be held in the palm of your hand while the electrical current is shot through two metal prongs. TASERs™ tend to be bigger than stun guns and shaped like handguns. They transmit the electrical current through projectile prongs that shoot towards the potential attacker.

TASER™ cartridges are typically designed for one-time use. However, you can keep the body of the TASER™ and replace only the cartridge so you can keep reusing the product. SABRE stun guns are rechargeable so they can have long lasting use. Learn more about dispelling stun gun myths here

Which one is right for you?

When choosing between stun guns and Tasers™, it’s important to consider your local laws. TASERs™ are legal with some restrictions in most states. Stun Guns are legal with restrictions in most states but are illegal for sale in Hawaii, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Michigan, and some cities (including Chicago). Check the stun gun laws for your state here.

Both options are great for personal safety. SABRE offers a variety of stun guns, with an LED flashlight, personal alarm, belt holster, or wrist strap options. Visit our blog or YouTube page to learn how to use a stun gun before making a purchase.

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