How to Choose the Strongest Stun Gun Available

05 25 2018

What Defines the Strongest Stun Gun?

When an attacker strikes and you need to defend yourself, you need to have faith in the self-defense measures you use. You may only have a moment or two to act and protect yourself, so you have to make that moment count. This is why stun guns are popular choices for self-defense - because they offer a lot of stopping power in a small, easy-to-carry device. Yet choosing a stun gun can be difficult, because manufacturers make a lot of claims about the effectiveness of their devices, and the terminology they use can be confusing. For example, you may believe that buying the highest-voltage stun gun will give you the most protection. However, when it comes to buying the strongest stun gun available, there are some important details of which you should be aware.

Why Voltage Doesn't Mean Much

It's easy to believe the idea that the more voltage a stun gun is said to generate, the more powerful it is. However, even though some manufacturers boast of their products generating millions of volts, that doesn't mean what many assume it to mean. Voltage describes the force by which electrical energy is discharged. Thus, higher voltage means a stun gun is more likely to affect someone through heavy clothing, but it may not have enough juice to actually hurt that person.

A more accurate measure of a stun gun's effectiveness is its charge, which is described in microcoulombs (uC). The higher the uC rating, the more charge is being delivered to the target. Meaning, the stun gun is more likely to drop an attacker. Typically, a charge of .5 uC is enough to cause pain, and a charge of 1 uC is enough to cause the degree of pain necessary to cause someone to drop to the ground involuntarily. This means uC, rather than voltage, is the best way to judge a stun gun.

Does More Powerful Mean Better?

Having the strongest stun gun on the market is the best way to help ensure that you'll be able to protect yourself in the event of an attack. This is because a stronger stun gun is more capable of delivering a fast jolt of stopping power that will instantly incapacitate your attacker. The last thing you want to do is use a stun gun that will only enrage the attacker and provide more motivation. With the most powerful stun gun you can find, you'll be able to get the precious seconds you need to make your escape.

How Strong Does a Stun Gun Need to Be?

SABRE's tactical stun gun device provides a 1.82 uC charge - more than enough to drop an attacker in his or her tracks with near-complete certainty. If you're interested in having the most powerful stun gun available for your self-defense, contact us today to learn more or place an order.